Everything for a Reason

Life is funny.

Several months ago when I was on my three month vacation from my anxiety-provoking job at the dental office I literally had nothing to do but bathe myself in self-care rituals. These rituals consisted of journaling, yoga-ing, resting, breathing, self-coaching, self-love-ing, playing, reading, and eating. I carried out each task as mindfully as I could (when I remembered) and as slowly and non-frantically as I wanted (when I remembered). I stopped driving and I starting increasing the movement of my legs by walking to where I needed to go. Life was much slower pace for me back then, and I loved every minute of it, excluding the minutes where I started to freak out about having to go back to my anxiety-provoking job at the dental office because I needed to pay my bills! (I quickly realized that that story was, in fact, false). I never got bored. I loved every minute of it. I wanted to live life like this forever! Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Well, it’s interesting to look at my life now and compare it to when I was on my three month vacation. (Ok, ok! Fine! I’ll confess! It wasn’t a vacation! It was a stress leave!) I like to think I just experienced my mid-life crisis mid-twenties instead.

So, I thought I wanted to live my life in the slow lane with all of the other turtle-folk, so why am I as busy as ever right now? And, might I add, why do I love it?

This is when wanting to know all of the answers and figuring everything out can just get in the way of living our lives. I could say that I am actually overworking myself and striving for goals that are too big. But why do I love it? I could say that I am filling my life with decoys to keep me distracted from other issues that are going on in my life. But why do I feel so light and excited? I could say that I needed that three month vacation (whoops, said it again) in order to prepare my body, mind, and soul for the big project the universe knew that I was going to be involved in come October. Hmm, that could make sense.

But the point is, I could say a lot of things. I could come up with tons of different reasons why I should or shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now. You also could come up with tons of reasons why you should or shouldn’t be doing or experiencing what you’re doing or experiencing right now! But what would be the point?

The point is it is happening. And it’s all happening for a reason. Whether you know that reason or not yet, just try to sit back and relax. Whether you know why you are experiencing so much pain right now, or why your family is making everything so hard for you, or why you can’t seem to figure out your life. Just trust me and try to sit back and relax. Once you stop analyzing and trying to “figure it all out” and start accepting what is, that’s when the magic happens. That’s actually when you will figure it all out! Counterintuitive? Yes! Counterproductive? No!

My cards are always being dealt to me for a reason. I experienced pelvic pain for a reason. I experienced anxiety for a reason. I got a three month vacation for a reason. 🙂 I am working my tail off right now for a reason.

Everything that felt like the worst thing that could happen to me has actually allowed for the best things to happen for me.

And your story will be no different.

So, enjoy! 🙂

(Spelling and grammatical mistakes in this post are my gift to you this week! Hey, I’m busy, remember!!??)


The Compass Within You

Have you ever wondered how you ended up where you are today? Well, most likely, you’ve ended up where you are because of the decisions, both big and small, you’ve made throughout your life. Big decisions like what you want to spend 40+ hours doing every week, who you want to spend the rest of your life with, whether you want to have kids or not, where you want to live, and small decisions like what you want to eat for breakfast, what you want to do on the weekend, what you want to wear, and who you want to hang out with this Saturday night.

How do you make your decisions? How do you know that you want to teach elementary school kids every Monday to Friday? How do you know whether you want to have 0, 1, 2, or 3 kids? How do you know that you want to eat Cheerios every morning?

If you stopped and counted how many decisions you were making each day I bet you’d be surprised as to how much deciding you are actually doing without even knowing it!

Did you know that many of us don’t even make our decisions based on what we actually want? Someone might tell us that we “should” or “shouldn’t” do this or that and we listen to them because we think that we will gain their love and approval by doing so. Unfortunately we often end up “off track” or “off route” in our lives when we make decisions based on others’ opinions rather than on our own.

So would you like to start making decisions based on what you truly want, desire, and yearn for? Would you like a tool that you can carry with you everywhere to help make your day-to-day decisions as well as your big decisions? What if I told you that tool lies within you, within your body? Like a compass for your life.

Before I even knew I had access to this powerful tool, I made decisions based on others’ views and opinions and what I thought I “should” do, “should” wear, “should” eat, etc. Basically, I made important decisions without even consulting myself! I now understand I chose to become a dental hygienist because I would make good money and gain society’s approval, in a nutshell! Little did I know I actually wanted nothing to do with drills and white lab coats, and I didn’t realize this until I learned how to listen to my own magical tool from within: my body compass. And, might I add, it’s a little remarkable to look back on my life and notice that I started to experience chronic pain at the very moment I started my dental hygiene education. But, who am I kidding, I know this isn’t a coincidence at all…

Did I mention that I’ve stopped hanging out with the drills and white lab coats everyday? 🙂

See, our body’s can talk to us a lot, but if we don’t know how to listen to them we aren’t able to hear their messages. My body was talking to me through irritable bowel syndrome and interstitial cystitis, I didn’t understand what important message my body was trying to tell me.

Umm…it was basically telling me to get the heck out of there. 🙂

Now that I have been taught how to listen to my body compass, I make most of my decisions based on what my body compass tells me. (I wanted to say ALL of my decisions, but I truly do forget sometimes. Hey, I’m human too!) I don’t care what people think I “should” or “shouldn’t” do, because I now know how important it is to live my life based on what I truly want. If you don’t do this, that’s when you develop chronic pain, like I did. Now that I’ve re-routed my life, both inside and out (my mind and my life), my pain has healed and I am spending my days feeling more fulfilled, happy, and comfortable in my body.

About two or so years ago I wanted to wake up full of energy and excited to start my day. That was my goal. That was more important to me above everything else. I didn’t experience this at the time. I wanted it. Now I can honestly say that I am experiencing this. Checking in with and listening to my body compass has been one of the most important tools in my journey of healing.

Are you ready to access this powerful tool within yourself so you can start making your own decisions and start on your pathway to healing? Click here to get started on your own healing journey!