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Kick-Start 2012: Invest in Yourself

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions that don’t ever stick? Each year do you resolve to get in shape, eat less junk, waste less time, make more money, live happier, spend more time laughing, stop taking things for granted, etc.? Do these resolutions ever last? Do you ever wonder why your resolutions never work?

The answer revolves around one simple phrase: mind-body disconnect.

Most of us don’t have a very good connection between our body and our mind. We have unknowingly trained ourselves to ignore our body right from toddlerhood. We are supposed to suck it up and stop crying. We are supposed to work hard and finish our homework even if we are dog-tired. We are supposed to dress up and go to our family dinner even if we don’t feel like it. We push through life ignoring our body and what it wants. We stop living inside our body from a very young age, and instead, we live the majority of our life inside our head rationalizing, planning, analyzing, and worrying. Our body stops sending us messages and wisdom because we aren’t listening.

So what does this all mean?

When we aren’t connected to and living inside our body it is harder to make life-long and healthy changes in our life because…

Not living inside our body means:

  • Emotions aren’t being felt. The unfelt emotional energy doesn’t just disappear; instead it gets stuffed down into different parts of our body, and if we don’t know how to feel and release it, it may eventually turn into chronic pain. Obsessive behaviours like over-eating and over-working is one way to stuff down emotions so they aren’t felt.
  • We don’t fully feel things. We don’t know what true joy or happiness feels like. It’s half-living, or living with our blinders on. We often eat to dull any emotional pain that tries to surface.
  • We make life decisions based solely on our mind and our thoughts. Thoughts aren’t 100% accurate and can be lies or fictional stories we unconsciously create, so that can lead us down an unfulfilling pathway in life. We may make resolutions that won’t serve us, but don’t know it.
  • We aren’t connected to our soul. We can feel isolated and alone when we aren’t connected to our body. Feelings of separation and aloneness can lead to behaviours like over-eating, over-worrying, over-analyzing, wasting time watching too much t.v. or surfing the internet, etc.
  • Not knowing what we truly want out of life. If we aren’t checking in with our body and soul and asking it questions and listening for answers, we will easily get lost in life. It’s like driving to an unknown location without a map or a GPS. Once you make a wrong-turn it’s easier to make another wrong turn and to get further and further off-route.

So, is it time to make a change in your life?

Is 2012 your year to truly kick your bad habits and unconscious way of living to the curb and jump-start your year by investing in yourself and in a lighter, happier, and more healthy and fulfilling future?

Sign up for Kick-Start 2012: Invest in Yourself  to learn how to strengthen your mind-body connection, start living in your body, and get back on route to an awesome life!

By re-connecting to your body with my kick-start 2012 3-session program, you’ll learn:

  • Techniques to reconnect back to your body
  • How to listen to and interpret your body’s wise messages and wisdom and use it to help guide you towards a fulfilling life
  • How your thoughts are what create your stress, NOT your situation
  • How to dissolve your stressful thoughts so they have less power over you
  • How to create more peace within yourself
  • What excites and energizes you, and what drains your energy and doesn’t serve your well-being
  • How to start taking back control of your own life

3 – 60 minute sessions

Investment: $150


Allowing Emotions

I’m writing this post after a short fit of crying, err, bawling. Bruce Springsteen and Chris Botti never seem to let me down. They always prove to be an excellent catalyst for releasing my emotions…

In my mind-body coach training course we are learning all about emotions and trauma. We shone a light on all of our past traumas by writing a list of the things that were stressful in our lives. After compiling a list of the stressful events I’ve experienced in my 26 years of living, I found out something quite surprising. I still carry a huge amount of emotion in my body from something that happened in my life 10 years ago! As I wrote down every single event about my mom and her battle with a brain tumour and eventually her defeat in the battle, I would immediately burst out in tears, even a few hyperventilating tears.

After 10 years of crying and releasing sadness here and there, I was surprised to find out how much emotion is still stored in my body from this time in my life.

I’m not beating myself up for storing so much sadness for 10 years. I’m actually thankful to now be aware of this, and now I can give myself the time to grieve over the loss of my mom 10 years ago.

When we don’t let our emotions flow in our body, we aren’t able to release our emotions from our body. So what happens to these emotions when they aren’t felt and released? Emotions are vibrational energy within our bodies and when they aren’t felt and released they are stuffed down and stored. They don’t just magically disappear just because we don’t want to feel them. They lodge into certain areas of our bodies, and if this is done repeatedly, over time this will create physical pain in our bodies. Enter stage right: interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraines, or any kind of chronic pain.

I am pretty motivated to keep interstitial cystitis far away from my pelvic region from now on, so I am happy to now set aside time each day to feel some stuck emotion, and new emotion as well. There are many ways to do this, my favourite being listening to music that I feel strongly connected to. It does a fine job of opening up my emotional valve. Other ways you can access and allow those emotions that have been stuffed way down:

  • moving your body in any way (dancing, doing yoga, lightly working out, walking, stretching)
  • getting a massage
  • doing breathing exercises
  • spending time out in nature
  • journaling/writing without any editing

Now, take a moment to look at your life and the stressful events you may have gone through. Does a specific event or time in your life immediately resurface in your mind? If something does immediately resurface, it means that there is still some emotion that needs to be felt around this, and it is time to do so. Your body will never give you more than you can handle, so whatever resurfaces is supposed to resurface, and it’s ready to be felt. On the other hand, if nothing comes up, try some of the techniques listed above to start oiling your emotional valve. Trust me, and just do it; especially if you want to live a pain-free and fabulously energized life. Your body will thank you for it!