Why You Should NOT Try To Be Perfect

As a recovering perfectionist who still has perfectionist tendencies I noticed myself putting pressure on myself to be, well, perfect (*gasp*) – hah. What a surprise! Not. I once would have never known the destruction that striving to be perfect can do to your body, as I was much more disconnected from my body back in the day. Now, with years of harnessing a better mind-body connection, I can feel things in my body, like little whispers and louder alarm bells, that I would never have felt before. Hearing little whispers and alarm bells are so valuable as they are much less damaging to your body than waiting for Niagra to crash down (chronic pain!!!!). Practice to hear for these quieter signals and you won’t need chronic pain to pop up and tell you what’s up. šŸ™‚

Watch my video below to see how I deal with perfection popping up in my life!


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