My New Niche – How To Be Happy in Your 20’s

Hey, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?!


So what have I been up to?

Well, I moved and I changed my coaching niche. No biggie.

My new place is awesome, thanks for asking! I’m living right across from a huge park with a running track which I plan to use in the near, hopefully very near, future.

And don’t worry too much about my change of niche. It’s not a huge change, just a tweak! I am still focusing on mind-body magic and kicking your chronic pain to the curb, but I am infusing my own crazy awesome tips on

How To Be HAPPY (not fake happy, like REAL happy)

especially for those of you in your 20’s who feel stuck, lost, unhappy, confused, and stressed (or maybe you feel nothing at all?) There can be so much pressure, external and internal, on twenty-year-olds. I want to shine a light on this pressure and see if it’s really working for you, or if it’s just leading you on a windy, tumultuous path that’s far, far away from the path you really want to take (whether you know it or not!) Once I help you figure this all out, you can put on your rock star boots and live the amazing life you were meant to live, full of aliveness and magic.

Hmm, magic rock star boots, anyone?

Why don’t you watch my video below to see WHY I want to coach 20-somethings, and what can happen if you keep on living life in the fast line. Anyone care for a dose of chronic pain and a helping of anxiety? Not me, thank you.


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