About Meghan Currie

Life Coach. I help smart women and men re-align their body and mind so they can live a life of authenticity and purpose. Flosser. My background in dental hygiene keeps me flossing daily (if you knew what I knew you would floss everyday too!) Rookie Yogi. I've been practicing yoga, on and off, for 1 1/2 years now. I've recently been in the "on" position due to my experience with anxiety, and plan to stay in the "on" position until I can no longer do tree pose and say "namaste"... Avid walker. My family grew up without a car. The only way we got from A to B was with our legs, pedal bikes and the BC Transit system. I love using my legs to this day. Junk foodie. Although I love a fresh salad, green smoothies, and whole grains, there's something about the taste of baked goods, candy, and deep-fried foods that make me salivate...I just try to eat them in moderation! Mind-body connection lover. I find the most peace, joy, and comfort when I am consciously breathing, connecting to my body and staying in the present moment.

Name That Tune!

This exercise is meant to increase your awareness about your thoughts which will ultimately lead to detachment from your thoughts. (If you’re jumping up and down in excitement right now then this exercise is definitely for you!!!) This means that your thoughts will become less and less believable (more like a fictional story) because that is all they are anyways: a fictional story!

Your mind will often get lost in fictional thoughts and stories when your mind and body are not functioning as a cohesive team. This means that the mind and body are disconnected and aren’t able to communicate properly with each other. This could go on for hours, days, weeks, or even years without you being aware of what’s really going on. These stories seem so believable that you actually think it’s important to think and worry about them constantly. But that’s just a little mind trick that happens when you are disconnected from your body and your body’s wisdom; the mind thinks it is helping you by doing this but it is actually not.

So let’s go ahead and nip this misbehaving mind trick in the bud by noticing what’s happening and then making a conscious effort to stop the misbehaviour.

Here it goes:

  1. Notice The Music – Stop and become aware of what you are thinking throughout the day = the music in your mind!! When you first start this awareness activity you’ll have to consciously remind yourself to do this. Some examples of ways to remind yourself:
    1. Setting a timer on your phone or watch to remind yourself to check in
    2. Carrying something special in your pocket (a rock, an inspirational coin, etc.) that reminds you to check in each time you touch it
    3. Wearing something special (a bracelet, necklace, etc.) that reminds you to check in each time you touch it/think of it
    4. Journaling at specific times of the day to see what you’re thinking
    5. Checking in with your thoughts at each red light as your driving
    6. Checking in with your thoughts after each meal
  1. Name That Tune –Now that you are aware that a CD is playing in your head, ask yourself what thoughts are spinning around and around in your head right now, as if the thoughts were a disc that was on repeat or shuffle.

Pretend your thoughts are tracks on a CD (or an iPod playlist for the younger generation)! Say the playlist had 15 tracks on it: Which track is playing now? Can you think of some other tracks that might be on this playlist?

For example, if you are thinking all about how you shouldn’t have acted that way, how you should have acted more intelligent in that situation, or how you should have been more funny, kind, and interesting, you might name your track:

“The Tale About The Girl Who Sucks” or “Sucky, Stupid Me”

Be as creative or as straight-shooter as you want to be. Go with whatever resonates and maybe something that makes you laugh. You can even picture yourself pressing “Track X”, the CD spinning in your head, and the Sucky Song (or whatever song you are listening to) starting to play.

Doing this exercise creates space from you and your thoughts and you no longer become the victim of your thoughts but instead you become the watcher of your thoughts.

  1. Notice How the Song Makes You Feel – Does that track make you feel happy, peaceful and free, or does it make you feel squashed, tight, and little? In other words, does it make you feel shackled to a wall like a prisoner or unshackled and free as a bird?

If the track makes you feel unshackled, bubbly, and free as a bird, then the track is definitely serving you and helping guide you closer to your right life. If this is the case you can stop this exercise right now and enjoy!

If the track is making you feel shackled, it is NOT serving you and it would be in your best interest to push STOP! If this is the case, carry on with step 4!

  1. Press Stop – Deliberately press STOP. You can visualize you finger pressing the stop button in your mind to help create that space between you and your thoughts. Is it really helpful to listen to the same old untruthful, awful-feeling song over and over? It’s no different listening to a band you dislike over and over and over. If you don’t like the Backstreet Boys I have a hunch you’ll start to feel agitated, angry, and lifeless after “As Long As You Love Me” plays for the 15th time. Playing those awful tracks (thoughts) in your mind over and over and over again is no different!
  1. Choose a New Tune – Think about what you’d rather spend your time doing. Do you want to create a new tune that feels better and even truer? Maybe instead of singing “The Tale about the Girl Who Sucks” you start singing “The Tale about the Girl Who Knows a Teensy Weensy Bit about Everything”. Does that feel any truer? Any freer? More peaceful?

This might be a good time to create a 2nd CD that has tracks that you LIKE on it; tracks that make you feel happy, empowered, healthy, and unstoppable!

Or maybe you decide you are kind of sick of listening to a CD altogether and would rather practice:

– Total body awareness and living in the present moment

– Listing the Facts ONLY

– Breathing

– Or any other combination of life coaching tools that you have in your trusty pocket!

I want to know all about your tunes and CDs! Share your most played tracks in the comments below!

Have fun!


How To Know What You Want

As lost little 20-something souls, we tend to go after things that we think we want without really even investigating whether we really want them at all.

For example, if you’re a lost 20-something soul, you might have goals and aspirations that resemble the attractive American Dream: getting married in your 20’s, being forever in debt to the bank so you can own dirt, bearing cute kids who come equipped with a high IQ and good manners, and securing a fantastic paying job with extravagant benefits. Or maybe your wish list consists of other wants. Either way, let’s play.

Pretend that I’m a Magic Genie that can grant you five special wishes. I can give you whatever five things you most want right now. Go ahead, rub my belly, and wish for whatever five things that you’ve been working your tiny little butt off for: a swimming pool in your backyard, a boyfriend who does whatever you want, a walk-in closet that resembles a Holt Renfrew change room? Don’t be shy. List them now!

Now I want you to go through each wish and visualize yourself having that wish come true. If you wished for a boyfriend who chewed quieter and who let you call the shots all the time, visualize that. If you wished for a closet the size of Grand Central Station in your bedroom picture yourself enjoying that closet right now. Visualize it all, baby.

As you visualize yourself having these things I want you to notice how you feel in your body. I bet most of the things you’ve wished for aren’t raising as much as a hair on your arm which means it’s not what you really want.

And if your wishes do raise hairs and give you the warm fuzzies then I applaud you for already being super tuned in to your body and soul and going after the life you were truly meant to live!

But if you’re like most lost souls in your 20’s, you are probably going after things that you think you want, or things that other people and society think you should have.

We tend to want these specific things because we think they will make us feel a certain way: a reliable, high-paying job will make us feel more worthy, a marriage will make us feel safe, loved, and more secure, a gargantuan-sized closet will make us feel happier. We think we will feel all these positive emotions if we have these things, but that’s actually not the case.

You see, what we are actually going after is a feeling state. We want the reliable, high-paying job because we think it will make us feel more worthy. We want the marriage because we think it will make us feel safe, loved, and more secure.

But I have a hunch that you just proved to yourself, by doing the exercise, that these things aren’t bringing you much more than a yearning for Starbucks and a comfy bed to rest your tired little head.

So instead of thinking about the things you want, think about the feelings you want to experience. How do you want to feel in life? Peace, content, love, excitement? Choose five different feeling states you’d love to drench yourself in, and then go from there. (Click here to see a list of the different emotions/feeling states!) Play around and see what gives you these feelings. You might find that a peaceful walk in the rain with your Chihuahua is all that’s needed to stir up love and happiness, which can sure avoid a lot of misery in your future!

Start small by noticing what tiny day-to-day events create these feelings; it’s through this practice that you’ll learn what you’re passionate about and what you truly want to spend your days doing.

I’d LOVE to hear about your practice! Share one activity that gives you one of your desired feeling states below! This stuff is sooo exciting!!

Let’s Talk About Your Problems

This week I want to talk to you about your problems.

What was your #1 problem today?

  • Did your chronic pain piss you right off?
  • Did your stomach fall over your pants too much?
  • Was your bus driver too angry, or too happy, for you?
  • Did you feel like eating everything within a 1 mile radius of you?
  • Did your cat piss you off by shedding too much hair?
  • Did people ask too much of you?

If your problem involves some sort of complaint, worry, or self-critical thought or judgement, I assure you, that THAT is NOT your REAL problem.

Let me say that again.

Whatever your #1 problem was today, or any problems you had today, or yesterday, or the day before, that problem is NOT the real issue.

The real issue is almost always something much deeper.

The real issue is almost always an emotion that needs to be felt.

When we get lost in mental activities like worrying, ruminating, thinking about the past or future, obsessing about something, criticizing ourselves or others, etc. that is the ultimate sign that we are disconnected from ourselves. We subconsciously engage in this mental behavior to disconnect from our bodies when we are trying to avoid feeling an emotion. It’s like the mind’s way of protecting us from discomfort. Unfortunately, it is actually feeling the emotion rather than avoiding it that will  lead us closer to comfort within our body and our life. Because as you all know, avoiding emotions can lead to physical pain in your body, which sure ain’t comfy! And when you are more connected to your body and emotions you become much more comfortable in your own skin.

But don’t beat yourself up about engaging in this mental behavior! You most likely picked it up from a very young age when you learned that emotions like sadness, anger, frustration and fear were, in a nutshell, no good to feel. This avoidance behavior happens on such a sub-conscious level that you don’t even realize you are doing it, so you fall for your mind’s tricks by getting sucked in to those stories about your pain, your fat thighs or stomach, and your bus driver (or insert whatever frustration YOU have here), instead of dealing with the real issue, which is an emotion that needs to be felt and released.

Come on, did you really believe you were too fat or your cat was too hairy?

Here’s my challenge for you: every time you notice yourself worrying about something, like your pain, criticizing yourself or your cat (can you tell I’m speaking from experience here? “I mean come on, Mila (my cat)! Why the f&@# do you shed so much? Who do you think you are anyways?”), worrying about your future or ruminating about your past, or anything that really just ends up being mental clutter that serves no purpose, flip your attention away from that and go inward. Ask yourself what you are feeling emotionally. Ask yourself what feeling you might be trying to avoid in this moment. Answer with a one-word emotion: mad, sad, glad, frustrated, happy, etc.?

So before you open your mouth to complain about something, or before you get lost in that mental junkyard of yours, curiously see what emotion you might be avoiding instead. If you don’t know, just guess. The more you do this, the easier it will be to pinpoint what emotion you are feeling. Not only will you be more in tune with your body and emotions (which means pain relief!!!) you will also notice yourself worrying, complaining, and self-criticizing way less! Wahoo! You won’t need it to divert your attention anymore!

Hmm…anyone else feel the need to end this post in song and dance?

Sing To Yourself

Do you sing out loud on a daily basis? I hope so – at least on a weekly basis. While you’re singing, have you ever tried singing a song to yourself instead of to yours truly or a fictional lover? I hope so again! But if you haven’t, I highly, highly recommend you try it.

(You can watch me singing to myself at the bottom of this page…)

Singing to yourself will increase your happiness and joy because it will create and enhance your self-love and confidence! Self-love + confidence = more happiness = less chronic body pain and eventually no pain at all!

The first time I experimented with this was when I was on my 2-Day “Meghan Retreat.” It was all about ME and no one else, so when I found myself belting out my favourite tracks that revolved around lost loves or loving someone else I said NUH-UH! I’M the one that matters here! I’m the one that needs my love! I’m going to sing to myself!

And so it went:

“…Where I been? Where I been all my life?

Baby it’s a sin. The way I look in the light…”

(Thanks Chris Brown and David Guetta).

And it felt great. It was liberating. These new lyrics were so true – so much truer to me than the original lyrics. Seriously!! Where I been all my life?

If you want to create more happy and less unhappiness and pain might I suggest you start by singing to yourself?

If we can’t connect with and love our own self as intimately as we want to with someone else we will never get to experience the true, deep, passionate, jaw-dropping, heart-melting love and happiness that we so often yearn for. We need to learn how to give this kind of love to ourselves first, and then we will be able to share this love with the people in our life. Love yourself = more happiness!

So if loving ourselves creates more happy, let’s start practicing loving ourselves! Aside from singing to yourself, how can you add some sweet self-lovin’ to your day?


Sweep yourself off your feet by buying yourself flowers

Give yourself daily hugs and kisses (seriously, wrap those arms AROUND yourself!)

Draw yourself a bubble bath

Make a list of everything you love about yourself and repeat it to yourself in a mirror

Add your own ideas here!

Go ahead and fall in love with yourself.

Want to see me practice what I preach? Click on the video below.

My New Niche – How To Be Happy in Your 20’s

Hey, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?!


So what have I been up to?

Well, I moved and I changed my coaching niche. No biggie.

My new place is awesome, thanks for asking! I’m living right across from a huge park with a running track which I plan to use in the near, hopefully very near, future.

And don’t worry too much about my change of niche. It’s not a huge change, just a tweak! I am still focusing on mind-body magic and kicking your chronic pain to the curb, but I am infusing my own crazy awesome tips on

How To Be HAPPY (not fake happy, like REAL happy)

especially for those of you in your 20’s who feel stuck, lost, unhappy, confused, and stressed (or maybe you feel nothing at all?) There can be so much pressure, external and internal, on twenty-year-olds. I want to shine a light on this pressure and see if it’s really working for you, or if it’s just leading you on a windy, tumultuous path that’s far, far away from the path you really want to take (whether you know it or not!) Once I help you figure this all out, you can put on your rock star boots and live the amazing life you were meant to live, full of aliveness and magic.

Hmm, magic rock star boots, anyone?

Why don’t you watch my video below to see WHY I want to coach 20-somethings, and what can happen if you keep on living life in the fast line. Anyone care for a dose of chronic pain and a helping of anxiety? Not me, thank you.

You’re Not Ill, You’re Just Out of Balance!

A Little Give and Take

You all know me as a Life Coach, but I actually dabble in some other very fun “jobs” as well. I make jewellery and I’m also a manager at a Gift Boutique. Hey, what can I say. I am a multi-passionate (and dare I say talented) young woman who just can’t settle for one thing!!

At the Gift Boutique I spend a lot of time helping my clients pick out the perfect gift for their recipient. Some of the many things we sell at the boutique are spa products like lotions, soaps, bath bombs, and bubble bath. When my clients inform me they are buying for their friend who is a mother (which means not a whole lot of time for herself) I like to recommend some delicious spa products so she can do some much needed pampering. This will give her an excuse to take some time for her own self-care regimen. I will point out our frothy bath bombs and bubblicious bubble baths and suggest pairing it with a nice bottle of wine. I even offer to wrap it up into a beautiful gift basket for her!

And this is the response I get 99% of the time:

“Oh, heavens no! She doesn’t have time to pamper herself! She’s not into that kind of thing. She’ll never use it. She’s a MOTHER – were you even listening to me?”

And I will say:

“Exactly! That is exactly WHY you need to give her this…”

But the client is no longer listening at this point.

Ok, people, listen up. Just because you are a mother does not mean you can no longer take care of yourself! In fact, that is exactly the reason WHY you should be taking care of yourself! You spend the majority of your day taking care of others. You DESERVE to bugger off for 30 minutes to indulge in some bubbles and vino.

But mothers tend to think it’s selfish if they are doing something that is solely for themselves. So they give and give and give, until they get to roll in to bed, sleep, and do it all again the next day.

The risky thing about this is humans aren’t designed to give and give and give. They are designed to give, and then to take, and then give again, and then take again.

It’s the same as healthy eating. Everyone knows that a healthy diet includes a good balance of all of the food groups. We know that too much of anything is not good for us. So why do we think that this should be any different? Giving too much is no good for our soul. In fact, giving too much is what IS selfish.

Are you a mom who wants to smack me across the face yet? 🙂


Giving and giving and giving is selfish because when you don’t take the time to take care of yourself you will never ever be able to fully be there for your family. When you are running on empty (ahem, not giving yourself time for self-care) you are more likely to over-react, argue, overeat, and not fully appreciate your family. You have so much more to give when you are taking the time to gas up by doing things that help you reenergize, refocus, and reconnect to yourself.

Self-care doesn’t have to look a certain way, either. It can look like burying your head in a good book for 20 minutes, taking yourself for a walk around the block, grabbing sushi with your closest friends, or even just retreating to your favourite space in your house to write in your journal.

So, all you mothers out there, it’s time to be selfless! Take time for yourself starting today. Let your family experience the real you who is rested, energized, and glowing on the inside and out!

And, for all you friends of mothers out there, just buy the bubble bath, will you?