I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to introduce you to mind-body healing so you can see if it’s for you!

E-mail me at to set up your appointment today, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

All sessions take place over the phone or via Skype so location is never an issue.

Coaching Packages:

The Mind, Body, and Soul Introductory Package:  This coaching package consists of three – one hour sessions to introduce you to the basic concepts of how and why mind-body healing works. We will spend one hour each focusing on your mind, body, and emotions. Each session will consist of discussing evidence-based information on mind-body healing, learning introductory skills to reduce your pain, and completing homework.

After these sessions you will:

  • Understand why your mind, body, and emotions create and enhance your pain
  • Have several introductory mind-body skills you can use to help decrease your pain
  • Know how to listen to your body to help lead you towards a pain-free life
  • Understand how to turn your thoughts that create pain into thoughts that create health

** If this is your first time working with me or a mind-body life coach, it is mandatory that you start off with this package. This package will provide you with the basic information and skills you will need for your healing journey. **

Investment: $250

The Three-Session Add-On Package:  This package consists of three – one hour sessions individualized to meet your needs. After you’ve completed the “Mind, Body, and Soul Introductory Package” you will want to purchase additional coaching sessions to continue and dive deeper into your healing process. The amount of coaching sessions needed varies between individuals as it depends on your commitment to your healing journey. Continue to purchase this Three-Session Add-On Package to receive an abundance of helpful information and new and improved skills, and continued support and motivation in a safe and fun environment. We will work together at a pace that feels right to you, and each session will be tailored to exactly what you need in order to move you along in your healing journey.

Investment: $250

The Six-Session Add-On Package: This package consists of six – one hour sessions individualized to meet your needs. You will have had to complete “The Mind, Body, and Soul Package” before purchasing these add-on sessions. Choose this package if you are early in your healing journey and you want to save some money!

Investment: $450 (you save $90!)

Individual Fine Tuning Session:  This package consists of one – one hour session to give you whatever you need in that hour. This is a great pick for people who need fine tuning, help with a mind-body tool, or a quick mind-body refresher session.

Investment: $90

All sessions to be purchased in advance. All payments are final.

Contact Form:


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