A Night in Paris

This exercise is meant for you to let the left side of your brain take a rest for a few minutes so the right side of your brain can get some creative and imaginative exercise. Break down those walls in your mind and let your imagination run wild! This is your one wild and amazing trip to Paris where anything goes. If you fancy plaid berets, then let yourself prance down Paris’ alleys in a plaid beret.  If you want to dance in the moonlight and fall in love with a French artist, then that is exactly what will happen. This is your own fantastic dream in your own fantastic life! Use all of your senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch to really bring this trip to life!

Use this exercise when you want to take a fun, energizing, and delicious break from your busy life. Write down your story by using these questions as a guideline to get you going. If you want you can also incorporate pictures into your story. Feel free to use this exercise as much as you want, after all, are you seriously only going to visit Paris ONCE in your life? I didn’t think so.

Your flight to Paris is leaving tomorrow at 9am. Your bags are already packed and you are ready to go…

What is packed in your suitcase? Clothes, lingerie, accessories, toys, books, gadgets? List whatever you can see in your bag.

Is anyone accompanying you on your trip, or are you jet-setting alone?

How long are you going for?

Is this trip for business or pleasure or both?

You had the best flight of your life. You’ve arrived at your destination – Paris, France.

What does your hotel look and feel like?

It’s 6pm, the night is young, and you are ready to start seeing the sights of Paris!

What are you going to wear tonight? Unpack your suitcase and start putting together your outfit, if you so desire to wear clothes on your night out…What have you chosen? What is on your feet?

How do you get around Paris? Bicycle? Taxi? Bus? Limo? Rent a car? Walk? Skip?

Do you go out for dinner? If so, what kind of food do you eat? What do you drink?

Is there music playing in the background? If so, what kind of music?

What is the weather like? How does it feel on your skin?

If you are with anyone, what are you talking about? Are you laughing? Are you debating? Get detailed!

If you are dining alone, what are you doing? Enjoying the food? Reading a book? Engaging in conversation with passers-by? Taking it all in?

After you’ve eaten (if you’ve chosen to), where do you go? What do you do? Who do you see? Spend lots of time on this one.

What time do you end your night at?

Do you go back to your hotel and hit the hay right away? Do you order in room service? If so, what do you order? Do you watch television? Do you read? If you read, what are you reading?

What does the bed feel like?

Does your room have windows? Does it have a view?

How many hours of sleep do you get?

What time do you awake the next day? What do you eat and drink for breakfast?

What are you planning on doing today?

Feel free to keep writing about your amazing trip to Paris. Go into as much detail as you want. Spend as much time enjoying this time for yourself.

Now it’s time to make this dream a reality.

The things you have included in your trip to Paris is most likely exactly what you want in your life right now.

Did you experience a certain feeling while enjoying this trip in your imagination? What feeling did you experience? What sensations did you feel in your body?

What elements of this trip can you bring into your life today so you can reproduce this feeling? Can you think of 5 things that you included in your trip that you can incorporate into your life today to make it more like this exciting trip to Paris?


If you couldn’t wait to get on your bike and ride down the sidewalks of Paris to dinner, can you include any bike riding in your life? Even if you don’t own a bike today, what can you do to make this happen? GET CREATIVE!

Did you enjoy a luscious spaghetti and meatball dinner with a glass of red wine out on a terrace on your trip? Is there any way to re-create this dinner and environment where you live?

What music were you enjoying while you ate that spaghetti and meatball dinner? Can you track down similar music and play it one night?

Did those silky sheets in your hotel room make you sleep more soundly than ever before? How can you make your bed more like the one you slept in in your Paris hotel?

I think you get the hint

And please, I would LOVE to hear about it!!!

Let me know all about it on my Facebook page!!!


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