Sing To Yourself

Do you sing out loud on a daily basis? I hope so – at least on a weekly basis. While you’re singing, have you ever tried singing a song to yourself instead of to yours truly or a fictional lover? I hope so again! But if you haven’t, I highly, highly recommend you try it.

(You can watch me singing to myself at the bottom of this page…)

Singing to yourself will increase your happiness and joy because it will create and enhance your self-love and confidence! Self-love + confidence = more happiness = less chronic body pain and eventually no pain at all!

The first time I experimented with this was when I was on my 2-Day “Meghan Retreat.” It was all about ME and no one else, so when I found myself belting out my favourite tracks that revolved around lost loves or loving someone else I said NUH-UH! I’M the one that matters here! I’m the one that needs my love! I’m going to sing to myself!

And so it went:

“…Where I been? Where I been all my life?

Baby it’s a sin. The way I look in the light…”

(Thanks Chris Brown and David Guetta).

And it felt great. It was liberating. These new lyrics were so true – so much truer to me than the original lyrics. Seriously!! Where I been all my life?

If you want to create more happy and less unhappiness and pain might I suggest you start by singing to yourself?

If we can’t connect with and love our own self as intimately as we want to with someone else we will never get to experience the true, deep, passionate, jaw-dropping, heart-melting love and happiness that we so often yearn for. We need to learn how to give this kind of love to ourselves first, and then we will be able to share this love with the people in our life. Love yourself = more happiness!

So if loving ourselves creates more happy, let’s start practicing loving ourselves! Aside from singing to yourself, how can you add some sweet self-lovin’ to your day?


Sweep yourself off your feet by buying yourself flowers

Give yourself daily hugs and kisses (seriously, wrap those arms AROUND yourself!)

Draw yourself a bubble bath

Make a list of everything you love about yourself and repeat it to yourself in a mirror

Add your own ideas here!

Go ahead and fall in love with yourself.

Want to see me practice what I preach? Click on the video below.


Tell Yourself The Truth Instead

You could sit here and beat yourself up about how you’re not good enough, thin enough, fit enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, smart enough, and how you could fail in every possible way at any and everything…


You could tell yourself the truth instead.

It’s your call.

Ask yourself this: What makes you feel more free, at peace, filled with love, happy and joyful, and overall less stressed? Is it beating yourself up about everything? Probably not.

Whatever does make you feel free, do that thing. Think that thing. Because that’s the thing that will lead you to better health and a more joyful and exciting existence. And that’s the truth.

I caught myself beating myself up about not exercising for four whole days. I was constantly evaluating my stomach by pinching my excess fat and getting carried away in my stinkin’ (untruthful) thinkin’.

My stomach is too fat.

My stomach is so untoned.

Why am I so lazy?

I can’t believe I haven’t exercised in 4 days! (whoopsh-whoopsh goes the whip)

This kind of thinking makes me feel awful. I feel heavy and uncomfortable in my body, angry and upset, and it steals every last morsel of motivation I could possibly have. This kind of thinking paralyzes me – from working out to working on my business to feeling joy.

So why would I think and believe these thoughts that make me feel so horrible? It’s because I’ve forgotten to look for the truth instead.

When I take the time to get still and look within, I see my truth, and fat, untoned, and lazy aren’t anywhere to be found.

What are you thinking that is paralyzing you? Thoughts that make you feel shitty, unworthy, and like a failure do not deserve the time of day that you give them. What if you took the time to get still so you could look within for your own truth? Who are you at your core, belly folds and all? So what if you don’t exercise consistently, can’t concoct a simply roux (seriously, why is that so hard?), or crave Little Debbie cakes at nightfall? Those things are actually what make you so unique, and so lovely in every way. And they compliment who you really are – your true self in all its true beauty.

Make a list of who you really are, your inner goddess, and start loving every inch of you.

Here’s a look at my list so you get the idea.

My Stinkin’ Untruthful List                              My Inner Truth, Who I Really Am

Could lose a few pounds                                                Beautiful

Not very motivated                                                         Motivated

Unproductive                                                                   Productive

Distracted                                                                         Multi-passionate

Semi-interesting                                                              Interesting

Slacker                                                                              Energetic

Unstable                                                                           Lover of Nonconformity

And the list goes on! Have fun by getting even more detailed about your truths, like what is beautiful about you, what makes you so unique and exciting, etc.

So go ahead and make your own truth list, and please share below! I’d LOVE to see who YOU are at your core!